Tuesday, May 8, 2007

911 not 411

A deputy called on the nextel and ask one of our dispatchers if she could get the number for Pizza Hut for him. She said hang on a sec and unkeyed the nextel. She looked at me and said "OMG I am 911 not 411" and I told her to tell him that. She keyed up the radio and said "are you ready for the number". Unkeyed and he keyed up and said go ahead. She keyed back up and real slow said "4.......1........1" He never called and ask us for numbers again!


Wadical said...

Nice. Careful not to piss off those deputies though...that could come back to bite you "you know where".

Thanks for the visit to my site and welcome to blogdom! I update my 9-1-1 site occasionally but not as often as my main website, Wight Wing Wadical. You're more than welcome at either site.

I try to blogroll as many 9-1-1 dispatchers as I know, so I'll at you to the list. Not bad, 2 posts and your first blogroll. Keep it up, I shall return.

Agent McKay said...
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Agent McKay said...

That's Great !!!!

Thanks for visiting the Stupid Criminal File and placing a link. We are placing a link back to your site.

Christine Petty said...

Oh my god... that's hysterical. My officers call in their pizza orders with me. I don't object, but I also make them bring me dinner. :)

Blogger said...

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