Tuesday, May 8, 2007

911 not 411

A deputy called on the nextel and ask one of our dispatchers if she could get the number for Pizza Hut for him. She said hang on a sec and unkeyed the nextel. She looked at me and said "OMG I am 911 not 411" and I told her to tell him that. She keyed up the radio and said "are you ready for the number". Unkeyed and he keyed up and said go ahead. She keyed back up and real slow said "4.......1........1" He never called and ask us for numbers again!

Well here we go again!

We had a guy that used to call in all the time at the comm center where I work that we called "bat man". He was an older guy and one day he called and said someone was being murdered next door to him. He was laughing while he was talking to us and after getting a deputy and Fire/EMS enroute to him I ask him what was so funny. He proceeded to tell me that the lady that lives there was gone and the man had an arm missing. I immediatly updated our deputies and fire/ems personnel. I ask him to tell me exactly what was happening and he started laughing again and said "you better send animal control also". I was confused at this point and ask him why animal control and he snorted thru his laughter and said "how the heck are you gona get the bats off this man?". I said BATS? He said yeah "the bats are big as cows and they ate the woman and bit off the mans arm." I knew that this man was dilusional and updated the deputies. This man was not done with us yet he placed many more 9-1-1 calls over the next few months until he finally got the help he desperatly needed. Just to let everyone know we always responded to this man as if he were serious. Of course I have never seen a 4 hundred pound bat but dont mean they dont exist! :)